Thursday August 29th:
Theme relationship psychosis with migration, social exclusion and lowstatus group

Day 1, Thursday August 29th: Theme relationship psychosis with migration, social exclusion and lowstatus group      
08.00 – 15.30 hRegistration for the conferenceFoyer
09.00 – 09.30 hWelcomeChair ISPS Welcome by chair Willem Burger Zaal
And chair local organising committee
Video ‘About Stranger in the City’
09.30 – 09.45 hChairJim van OsIntroductionWillem Burger Zaal
09.45 – 10.15 hKeynote SpeakerWim VelingUs and Them – psychosis among ethnic minoritiesWillem Burger Zaal
10.15 – 10.45 hKeynote SpeakerSushrut JadhavFrom the Margins to the Centers across cultures: the powerful pan-lexicon of PsychosisWillem Burger Zaal
10.45 – 11.15 hKeynote SpeakerFrancoise DavoineThe relationship of psychosis with migration , social exclusion and low status groupsWillem Burger Zaal261-Abstract
11.15 – 11.45 hShort CoffeebreakFoyer
11.45 – 12.30 hDebate with the speakers and representatives from psychoanalyse, CBT, family approach, rehab approachWhat does our approach do to promote recovery of persons from low status groups?Willem Burger Zaal
12.30 – 13.30 hLunch and poster sessionsPoster sessionsFoyer
13.30 – 15.00 hParallel sessions ga naar parallel sessieS ee below
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15.30 - 17.00 hParallel sessions ga naar parallel sessieS ee below
17.00 – 18.00 hKeynote Speaker + DiscussionNick PutmanFinding agency amidst all the voices - Open Dialogue and the reweaving of social fabricWillem Burger Zaal
18.30 hSocial program 
Parallel sessions, 13.30 – 15.00 on day 1
13.30 – 15.00 h

Symposium 3
What explains the increased incidence of psychosis among first- and second-generation migrants?
Jean-Paul Selten, Leiden
H.E. Jongsma
What explains the increased incidence of psychosis among first- and second-generation migrants?
Strengths and limitations of the social defeat hypothesis of non-affective psychosis
Willem Burger Zaal 273
What explains the increased incidence of psychosis among first- and second-generation migrants?Craig Morgan, London
Hannah Jongsma
A Sociodevelopmental Pathway to Psychosis: Update and Refinements255-Abstract
Craig Morgan, LondonA Sociodevelopmental Pathway to Psychosis: Update and Refinements255-Abstract
Hannah Jongsma
13.30 – 15.00 hSymposium 6Brian Koehler, New YorkWhy the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association should drop the term “schizophrenia”Van Weelde Zaal131-Abstract
Why the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association should drop the term “schizophrenia”
M.A.C. Calmeyn, Loppem ZedelgemDSM (5) and psychosis: the psychosis of DSM (5) ?178-Abstract
J.J. van Os, B. Froyen
Anne Cooke, Tunbridge WellsChanging society’s understanding of psychosis: a call to arms097-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 1Caroline Verheijde-Zeijl, GoesStronger through diversityHudig Zaal059-Abstract
Stronger through diversityA.M.C. de Voogt
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 28Leigh Murray, AucklandEmpowering family by strengthening the relationship with their loved one experiencing psychosisHudig Zaal116-Abstract
Recovery, envelopment and family
Victor Kouratovsky, Rotterdam An attempt at integrating: Envelopment211-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 33Berta Britz and Dirk CorstensPracticing Conversations Across our DifferencesMees Zaal245-Abstract
Mutual listening and learningTofik Boughrini, Utrecht (in Dutch)Accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept198-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 36Lies Missotten, LeuvenA psychiatric treatment programme for unaccompanied minor refugees: The ResCareRefugees projectVan Rijke Vorstel Zaal222-Abstract
Reconnection after War Violence and Forced MigrationJ. Versteele, L. de HaeneVan Rijke Vorstel Zaal
Megan Levy, PerthEffects of War Violence and Forced Migration on Psycho-Social Developmental Systems Regression, Psychosis, and ReconnectionVan Rijke Vorstel Zaal(oral)172-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 38Marjolein van DuijlDiagnosis and management of spirit-possession, culture, psychosis or dissociation?Van Beuningen Zaal242-Abstract
Transcultural approaches of djinns and spirits
Dr. Sara Betteridge , Westcliff-on-SeaThe Islamic perspective on Jinn, Evil Eye, and Black Magic and their impact on mental health presentations081-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hOral presentations group 1Dr Laura Sharony , AcreFrom groiness to belonging, objective and subjective feeling in Navigate program for first psychotic crisisPlate Zaal034-Abstract
Loneliness, identity loss en social withdrawelR. Josman
Nienke Moernaut, GentNegative symptoms as relational phenomena042-Abstract
Stijn Vanheule
Thijs Burger, Amsterdam“Who do I allow to accompany me?” Perspective Matters in Recovery, a qualitative study154-Abstract
M. Lachmeijer, K. de Wilde, R.M. van Eck, A. Veilinga, J.J.M. Kikkert, M. Dekker, L. de Haan, M.B. de Koning
Yaacov Rosenthal, Neve MichaelTreatment of a young woman suffering from psychosis with a history of adoption at an early age229-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hWorkshop 40 Matteo Mazzariol , CastlebarThe challenges and opportunities of implementing psychological and social interventions with adult people suffering from severe mental distressRuys Zaal246-Abstract
The challenge of implementationF. Callagy, S. Foy, M. McGeough
M. Garrett, Brooklyn New YorkImpediments to the Implementation of Psychotherapy for Psychosis in Public Mental Health Centers(oral)027-Abstract
13.30 – 15.00 hOral presentations group 2A.A.G. Leggett, Central Coast NswWatching Over Sleeping Beauty--Working with Psychic Stasis in the Transference-Countertransference SituationVan der Vorm Zaal054-Abstract
Relationship, tranference and recoveryCynthia Dorrestijn, EnschedeWhere there is a will, there is a way (into and out of psychosis)218-Abstract
Serena Thomas, New YorkIslands of Safety: Psychosis, Intimacy and Animals194-Abstract
Wilfried Ver EeckeSchizophrenia as a defective development in childhood270-Abstract
Parallel sessions, 15.30 – 17.00 on day 1
15.30 – 17.00 hSymposium 7 J. van Weeghel, UtrechtHow can we prevent chronicity of psychosis and other (severe) mental health problems? A consultation of experts in the NetherlandsWillem Burger Zaal163-Abstract
Recovery around the worldC.P.G. Couwenbergh
Jo-Ann Elizabeth Leavy, LondonRecovery Around the World243-Abstract
Anuradha Sovani, Mumbai“We drew a circle and took him in” – a sharing from India072-Abstract
Margreet de Pater, DelftRecovery Around the World177-Abstract
A. Sovani, J. van Weeghel, J. Leavy
15.30 – 17.00 hSymposium 13Jef Lisaerde, LeuvenAfter the storm: Conversations on psychosis and identityVan Beuningen Zaal086-Abstract
After the storm: the meaning of psychosisM. Christianen, F. Dhooghe
Sil Hol, Yvonne de JongStruggling hard intergenerationally from within a closed religious community210-Abstract
15.30 – 17.00 hSymposium 16Peter Groot, Maastricht (chair) Is tolerating uncertainty the next medical revolution?Van Weelde Zaal046-Abstract
Coming off psychiatric medicationsJim van Os and Will Hall
15.30 – 17.00 hWorkshop 4Sabah Nhass, UtrechtHow Lister Daar-na Utrecht takes a culturally sensitive approach to psychosisHudig Zaal076-Abstract
The culturally sensitive approach of Daar-naAhmed Salama, Culemborg
Karin Kraaij
15.30 – 17.00 hWorkshop 32Margaux Sageot, KortenbergHow to connect during diagnostic interventions in psychosis?Schadee Zaall145-Abstract
Relationship, peers and the process of diagnosesJ. Vandamme
Mr Marko Turner, Mount DruittWorking Relationally with Lived Experience: Evolving Consumer Led Clinical Services with Peer Support Workers098-Abstract
P. Pradhan
15.30 – 17.00 hWorkshop 34Chris MansellWorking with families from different culturesRuys Zaal188-Abstract
ISPS for whites only?- Working with Families Across Different CulturesVal Jackson, WakefieldISPS for Whites only? – What’s next?195-Abstract
15.30 – 17.00 hWorkshop 39F. Lopes Martins da Veiga, RotterdamBeing a black professional in white mental health institutesMees Zaal(oral)193-Abstract
Being the StrangerVictor Kouratovsky
Jane Herington, KentThe Stranger at the University .....the struggle with student life encountered by some freshers (and older students too)248-Abstract
15.30 – 17.00 hOral presentations group 3Bret Fimiani, AlamedaThe Fear of Psychosis: Traversing the Gap Between Psychotic and Non-Psychotic Experience.Van der Vorm Zaal004-Abstract
Lacanian and other psychoanalytical approachesUnstable Clinical Structure as a risk factor for Schizophrenia
Yair Tzivoni, Haifa, D. Koren, P. Josef, L. Schalit-CohenSpectrum Disorders: Findings from a seven-year follow-up study among help-seeking adolescents036-Abstract
B.N. Seitler, RidgewoodCase Study of An Octogenarian Hoarder: Stuffing and Occupying any Space between Neurosis and Psychosis053-Abstract
Jos de Kroon, RotterdamThe syndrome of Capgras revisited253-Abstract
15.30 – 17.00 hOral presentations group 4 Claire Wheeler, ColchesterSnitches get stitches: A qualitative exploration of childhood bullying amongst individuals with early psychosis experiencesPlatee Zaal122-Abstract
Social exclusion and psychosisL. Wood, E. Quinlan, A. Spencer
Rober Qi , LiverpoolThe Impact of Social Identity on the Qualitative Experience of Paranoia: a Systematic Review134-Abstract
R.G. White, J.C. McIntyre, R.P. Bentall
David Vinkers, RotterdamSocial defeat and psychosis in young Caribbean immigrants to Rotterdam189-Abstract
J.J. van Os, H.W. Hoek
Beverly Gibbons, Knoxville, TNAli: Fear eats the soul – Strangers in the City220-Abstract
15.30 – 17.00 hOral presentations group 5R.V. Austin, HeslingtonCultural Differences and migrants’ interpretations of their voicesVan Rijke Vorsel Zaal050-Abstract
C ultural differences and psychosisIgor Pietkiewicz, KatowiceCultural factors affect explanatory models for hearing voices and help-seeking pathways094-Abstract
R. Tomalski, U Klosinska
Saïd Kadrouch, VoorburgPsychosis, delusion and identity loss187-Abstract
Postersessions day  1 – Research posters
Posters linger during the whole conference, presentations during lunchtime
Poster 1Markus Heinimaa, TurkuPsychosis, trauma and dissociation - conceptual issues013-Abstract
Poster 2Sladana Strkalj-Ivezic, ZagrebSelf stigma and social self-efficancy029-Abstract
H.K. Horvat
Poster 3Lana Renny, KentAn exploration of how men with "grandiose beliefs" understand their interpersonal relationships and self-esteem058-Abstract
C. Cupitt
T. Lavender
Poster 4Sophie Baker, BangorPerceptions of belonging in service users with psychosis living in linguistically mismatched communities in North Wales067-Abstract
C.W.N. Saville, M. Jackson
Poster 5Peciccia, Maurizio, VarazzeRedancia system: vision, clinical support and information system for the management of a 22 psychiatric residential treatment facility network075-Abstract
T. Stefanelli, G. Guisto, F. Bonino, A. Codino
Poster 6Radoslaw Tomalski, KatowiceDevelopment of the Structured Clinical Interview for Voice-hearers (SCIV)091-Abstract
I.J. Pietkiewicz
Poster 7Rocio Caballero, MadridHealing effects of well-being: a randomized control trial for people with schizophrenia092-Abstract
A. Trucharte, R. Espinosa, V. Peinado, R. Caballero, C. Valiente
Poster 8Rocio Caballero, MadridExploring dynamics in paranoia after a positive psychology group intervention: Network Analysis with Experience Sampling Methodology093-Abstract
R. Espinoza, A. Trucharte, V. Peinado, C. Valiente
Poster 9Rocio Caballero, Madrid
R. Espinoza, A. Trucharte, A. Contreras, V. Peinado, C. Valiente
The perception of well-being; Do people with severe mental illness and their therapists put themselves in each other's shoes?095-Abstract
Poster 10Almudena Trucharte, Madrid
R. Espinoza, C. Valiente, A. Contreras, V. Peinado
Adult attachment styles and paranoia: a mediational analysis096-Abstract
Poster 11Janne-Elin Yttri, BrøndbyvesterAuditory verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: phenomenology of the mode of onset121-Abstract
A. Urfer-Parnas, J. Parnas
Poster 12Tatiana Kishka, St. Petersburg How Can a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programme Change Behaviour Self-Regulation of Inpatients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia within a Forensic Low Secure Unit?123-Abstract
Poster 13Lucas Gutiérrez, Puerto MonttPsychological interventions in Psychosis (PP) in Chile: Are there any training opportunities for Chilean therapists?125-Abstract
C. Gallardo, C. Mena, R. Nachar, M. Monje, Iruretagoyena, J.P. Bundurraga, C. Diaz, DP Castañeda
Poster 14Manuel Tettamanti, GenevaThe healing power of human reconnection: clinician and user’s views on a unit for young adults with early mental difficulties127-Abstract
C.L. Curtis
Poster 15Brian Koehler, New YorkOn Loneliness: Neuroscience, Social and Psychological Perspectives133-Abstract
Poster 17B. Rosenbaum, CopenhagenHow psychiatrists and artists collaboratively may lead creative writing-therapies in groups of people suffering from severe mental illness140140-Abstract
B. Bundesen
Poster 18Clare Howie, BelfastScreening for the At-Risk Mental State in Educational Settings: A Systematic Review143-Abstract
C. Potter, C. Shannon, G. Davidson, C. Mulholland
Poster 19Ondrej Pec, PraguePsychodynamic day treatment programme for patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: Dynamics and predictors of therapeutic change147-Abstract
P. Bob, J. Pec, A. Hrubcova
Poster 20Masa Micunovic, MadridForgotten Features of Psychosis: The role of social isolation, trauma and personality150-Abstract
L. Martinez Prado
Poster 21Neely Anne Laurenzo Myers, DallasWhat counts as care for racially and ethnically diverse young persons diagnosed with early psychosis in the U.S.?152-Abstract
Poster 22Vanesa Peinado, MadridExploring the relationships between self-esteem and paranoia: is the jumping to conclusion a moderator of this relationship?153-Abstract
R. Espinosa, A. Contreras, A. Trucharte, R. Caballero, C. Valiente
Poster 23Ana Elisa Sousa, MontrealUsing the Method of Loci to improve episodic memory in psychosis: a feasibility study167-Abstract
M. Lepage, M. Brodeur
Poster 24Ibrahim Onsesveren, RotterdamTime to medication discontinuation with different antipsychotic formulations in patients with schizophrenia: a claims-based study182-Abstract
A. van der Lee, A. Wierdsma, L. de Haan, C.L. Mulder
Poster 25Erik Thys, KortenbergStigmatization of psychosis: a 10-year study of Flemish newspapers196-Abstract
Poster 26Ingvild Aase, StavangerPositive -, negative- and disorganized symptom drivers of cognitive/executive dysfunction in ultra high risk state for psychosis197-Abstract
W. ten Velden, J.O. Johannessen, I. Joa, I. Dalen, J.H. Langeveld
Poster 27Eila Sailas, HyvinkääAsking clients regularly how they are - it changes treatment plans221-Abstract
T. Linderg, T. Säämänen
Poster 28Hee-jung Lee, SeoulLongitudinal Empathy Trajectories at Urban Community Child Centers and the Effects of Adolescents’ Experience of Discrimination224-Abstract
Poster 29Roupen Baronian, EssexPeer support groups for paranoid and unusual beliefs: a qualitative analysis of members’ experiences239-Abstract
D.T. Taggart, L.W. Wood
Poster 33Rado Gorjup, PrimorskaFrom Ancient Priest to Contemporary Witch Physician: A Road from Health Care to Hell Care?155
Poster 43Mrs Vítková
Daniela Šago, Zagreb, D. Chrtova
Destigmatization programme for family members of people with psychotic disorders73
Poster 45Zbynek Roboch, KlecanyDestigmatization process in the Czech republic from user's view103