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Themes of the ISPS Rotterdam 2019 conference

Day 1

On August 28th the preconference there will be courses and workshops on the newest developments of different kind of therapy approaches.

Day 2

On August 29th epidemiological researchers and (cultural) experts with qualitative knowledge will try to give an answer to the question: what is the reason that people belonging to minority groups with low status have 5 to 8 times more chance to experience psychosis? And what does that tell us about the dynamic of psychosis when we compare it with the circumstances of people with psychosis who are not from a minority group? Keynote speakers.

And what to do about it? The afternoon of this day will be spent on approaches that are focused on this problem. Keynote speakers.

Day 3

On August 30th people with lived experience, family members and clinicians will discuss the alienation between someone who is psychotic and the others. Will non- medical models of psychosis help, or other therapeutic approaches? Keynote speakers

Day 4

August 31st will be a day open for the public for a reduced price. The voice of psychosis will be discussed, what does it tell us about society? Is the road to psychosis the same as that to Jihad? What does it mean that the destruction of the world is so often a theme of psychosis? Other ways of organising society, for instance in the spirit of Ubuntu Philosophy, will be explored. Keynote speakers.

Day 5

The morning of September 1st will be spent on new research. Keynote speakers. The conference will end with a debate.

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