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Participation Conditions

Participation Conditions ISPS Education Foundation The Netherlands – Flanders (ISPU edu.)


Article 1. Application

  • These conditions apply to all agreements with ISPS with regard to participating in courses, congresses, trainings and study days.
  • Deviation of the rules shall only be binding if they are in writing and have been confirmed by ISPS edu.


Article 2. The establishment of the agreement

2.1 The agreement between ISPS edu. and the participant has been established by the submission of the online registration or enrolment form or by confirmation to the participant by ISPS of their application or assignment via e-mail.

2.2 By submitting the online registration form the participant states that he/she understands agrees to the ISPS edu. participation conditions. These conditions govern the legal relationship between ISPS edu. and the participant, unless specifically otherwise agreed.

2.3 The participant as referred to in paragraph 1 can be both a legitimate representative of the employer of the registered participant as an employee registered as participant.

2.4 By registering the participant has agreed to the payment obligation.


Article 3 Cancellation by participant

3.1 The participant of the course or congress reserves the right to cancel participation of an activity.

3.2 Cancellation can only be done by letter or by e-mail. Cancellations done by telephone must be confirmed either by letter or e-mail. ISPS edu. Will, at all times, send a confirmation of cancellation.

3.3 After the date of registration a 14 day period of reflection applies: within this time the participant can cancel without having to pay costs. If the participant has already paid then the payment for registration fees will be refunded.


Cancellation conditions vary per activity,

For the International ISPS congress the following rules apply:

3.4  In the event of a cancellation before the 23rd. May: a refund of the registration costs minus 50 euros for administration costs.

3.5 In the event of a cancellation before the 28th. June: a refund of 50% of the registration costs3.6 In the event of a cancellation after the 28th. June: no refund whatever the reason for cancellation.

The cancellation date that will be applied is the date on which the written cancellation was sent.

 For the local/regional study days the following rules apply:

3.7 In the event of a cancellation up to 4 weeks before the event the participant will receive a refund minus 25 euros for administration costs.

3.58 In the event of a cancellation less than 4 weeks before the event the participant is legally obliged to pay 100% of the registration fee. In all cases, the reason for cancellation will not play a role. The cancellation date that will be applied is the date on which the written cancellation was sent.



Article 4. Interim cancellation by the participant

4.1 In the event that, once the event has started, a participant terminates or otherwise does not take part in the activities, the participant is legally obliged to pay all costs and has no right to any form of refund or waiver.


Article 5Substitute

5.1 In the event of a cancellation the participant can let somebody else take his or her place. This applies to both local/regional and International congresses. No extra costs will be added. This applies only if the substitution is communicated to ISPS edu.before 28th of august.

5.2 In the event of an interim cancellation the participant will not be entitled to send a substitute.


Article 6. Cancellation, postponement and rejection by ISPS edu.

6.1 ISPS edu. reserves the right to carry out content changes with regard to the programme. This means that the speakers line up may be subject to revision. Any possible amendments (in the case of illness or cancellation by a speaker) ISPS edu. Will do everything in its power to guarantee the quality of the programme.


6.2 ISPS edu. reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course or congress providing ISPS edu considers that there is sufficient reason for doing so. ISPS edu. Accepts no responsibility whatsoever caused due to postponement or cancellation. ISPS edu. is obliged to announce any postponement or cancellation to participants at least a week before the start.

In the case of cancellation by ISPS edu. any payments that have already been made by participants will be refunded in full by ISPS edu.


6.3 Should ISPS edu. deem there to be sufficient reason then ISPS edu. can decide to hold the course or congress (or part of the course or congress) somewhere other than originally announced.


6.4 Should the date of the course or congress be changed by ISPS edu. then the participant will not be charged should the new date does not suit. The participant is therefore entitled to cancel the activity without incurring any costs.

6.5 In the case of nonpayment ISPS edu. reserves the right to exclude the participant from any future ISPS edu. courses or congresses.


Article 7. Invoicing


7.1 The costs of the course or congress will be invoiced in advance. The invoice can be paid immediately when registering or later via a bank. In the case of a bank payment, unless otherwise agreed, the invoice must be within at least 30 days of registration. Or at the latest before commencement of the event should there still be places available.

7.2 Registration is only valid once all registration costs have been paid.

7.3 Should the participant not comply with the payment requirements on time the ISPS edu. reserves the right to exclude the participant from taking part in the course or congress activities. The participant is at all times responsible for complying with the payment requirements.

7.4 Invoices will be sent, after registration via the on-line registration form, to the e-mail address provided by the participant.


Article 8 Complaints

8.1 Should a participant have a complaint about the content of the organisation of an event then they can send a written complaint by e-mail to ISPS edu. (see Contact for address information).

8.2 Any possible complaints will be dealt with by the ISPS edu. Complaints mechanism. See below.


Article 9. Copyright

9.1 Copyright on the various congress, masterclass and workshop programmes including copyright on all of the information on the website: or https:/

lies with ISPS edu. Copyright on presentations, PowerPoints, pdf’s and any hand-outs of the various presentations, lies with the speakers concerned. None of this may be copied or made public, in any way or form, without written permission from ISPS edu. or the speaker concerned.


Article 10. Disclaimer

10.1 While all congresses, workshops master classes and presentations are put together with the utmost care neither the speakers nor ISPS edu. accept any
responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracies or errors concerning the content of the congresses, workshops, masterclasses and presentations.


Article 11. Privacy Policy

11.1 The required registration for ISPS edu. is limited to contact details (name, address,

e-mail and telephone number) company name or employer’s name and any possible registration number (professional organisations).

These details are used by us for various purposes:

  • For registration and for giving information on an event.
  • For drawing up sending the corresponding invoice.
  • For negotiating with accredited registers.
  • For sending the newsletter


11.2 In order to process the under 11.1 mentioned details ISPS edu. will make use of the services of three external parties (Erasmus Congress Bureau for online registration, Resilience+ and La Poste for sending the e-mail newsletters). These parties will however not process, sell or in any other way use these details available for their own or anyone else’s purpose.

11.3 ISPS will act responsibly with the participant’s details and will only use these in order to carry out the specific agreement. Details will not be made available to any third parties.

11.4 Every newsletter will include a link so that people are able to immediately unsubscribe to the newsletter.

11.5 Details will not be kept for longer than is necessary to realise the above-mentioned objectives unless there is a legal obligation which species that the details are kept for longer (such as a fiscal retention obligation for payment details).


Article 12 Complaints Mechanism

12.1 Should an event not meet with your expectations or should you have a complaint of another nature, then you can report this up to 4 weeks after the event. A complaint can be reported either by letter or e-mail (see Contact for information).

12.2 Complaints will be dealt with in strictest confidence by both parties. The complaint must state: name and address of complainant, date of the objection, date and place where the event concerned and a detailed description and a substantiation of the complaint.

12.3 Complaints will be confirmed by e-mail and will be dealt with within 14 days. Should more time be required then we will notify complainants specifying the reason for the delay and the expected reaction period. All complaints will be registered and after processing will be kept for 2 years.

12.4 Anonymous complaints will not be handled.

12.5 Dialogue

In the first place a board member of ISPS Education Foundation Netherlands – Flanders will enter into a dialogue with the participant, if necessary with the speaker involved, the chairman of the day or the trainer. The purpose being to resolve the complaint, to everyone’s satisfaction, by means of discussions.

12.6 Impartial mediator

Should discussion not lead to a satisfactory resolution then there is the option of putting this before an impartial mediator or before an, as yet to be set up, external complaints committee. Jan Zandijk, chairman of Ypsilon and former NMI mediator will act as impartial mediator. Should an external complaints committee be set up then the impartial mediator will always be included herein.

The decision made by the impartial mediator or the external complaints committee is binding for both parties. Any further consequences will be dealt with as soon as possible by both parties.


12.7 Legal relationship

The legal relationship between the participant and ISPS edu. or any other third party is subject to Dutch law