Accredited for 34 continuing educational credits by the World Psychiatric Association.



  1. Registered name: Stichting ISPS Nederland-Vlaanderen educatie, was until June 2018 Stichting Soteria Nederland
  2. Commonly known as: ISPS
  3. KvK number 08188056
  4. Contact address: Buitenwatersloot 120, 2613 SV Delft, The Netherlands
  5. The foundation has as its objective:
    1. Encouraging the use of psychological treatments, including psychotherapy for people with a psychotic disorder in the broadest sense.
    2. This includes encouraging the development and implementation of psychological approaches, research, education and training.
    3. The foundation does not seek to make a profit.
  6. The foundation will endeavour to reach its objective by means of:
    1. Organising seminars, trainings, congresses and educational courses.
    2. To carry out all activities in order to achieve the realisation of the aforementioned goals.
  7. An International Congress is on the agenda for 2019. Topics: the relationship between psychosis and lack of a social connection. Also the remedy, restoring the social connection.
  8. The board is made up of:
    1. Chairman: M.A. de Pater-Zijlstra
    2. Treasurer: F. Steenwinkel
    3. Secretary: M.H.A. de Koning
    4. Member: M.M. Van Bouwel
    5. Member: V.G. Kouratovsky
  9. The foundation has no paid employees; members of the board receive no fees for their duties.
  10. The board of Soteria Nederland recognises the objectives of Soteria as being the same objectives as those of the Foundation: ISPS de Lage landen. It has been decided to join forces, with as its aim the organisation of seminars, trainings, congresses and studies in order to offer those with psychosis a safe environment. According to new insights this is currently (usually) at home, where not only the person with the psychosis but also friends and relatives can be supported. The foundation supports furthermore the emancipation of people who have suffered from psychosis.
  11. The annual financial reports can be found here.
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