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Please find a summary of the themes of the conference days below:

  • Thursday August 29th – What is the explanation for the high incidenceof psychosis in.
    minority groups? And what needs to be done?
  • Friday August 30th The abyss between a person who is psychotic, family, friends.
    and clinicians. How to bridge the gap?
  • Saturday August 31st Open for public: Themes of psychosis connecting to the atmosphere in society, psychosis and evil, psychosis and world destruction,
    Ubuntu: connection with ancestors, group, and progeny.
  • Sunday September 1st  new research

Choose if you would like to send in a:

  • Symposium – 90 minutes. May include two, three, or more participants
  • Workshop – 90 minutes, opportunity for active audience participation and learning
  • Oral Presentation – for presentation of research, projects or programs, or other work on conference themes
  • Poster – for presentation of research, projects or programs, or other work on conference themes (prizes will be given for the 3 best posters!)

Abstract title min. 5 characters max. 20 words

Choose a topic connecting to the themes of the conference, choose ‘’ other’’ if your presentation is not connected to the themes. Remember presentations that connect to the conference themes will be given preference.

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Important dates

May 8 th :

Latest date by which authors will be informed if their abstract has been accepted / rejected

May 22 nd :

Early bird fee deadline

June 14 th :

Authors will be informed of the time slot of their presentation in the program


Contact for Abstracts

Laurence Walhout


Cash prizes and a free book for the 3 best posters at the biennial ISPS International Congress!

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize


The awards committee will consist of three members of the ISPS International Executive Committee.
Winners will be informed by the Friday afternoon of the conference.
Each of the winners will also be invited to select a complimentary book of their choice from the ISPS book series,
from the Routledge book stand, during the conference.
The winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the conference.
The award money will be paid via bank transfer after the conference.

NB: All accepted posters will be considered for a prize,
with the exception of posters that were not exhibited and presented by at least one author on the day of the poster presentations.