Margreet de Pater

(Retired Community)

Developed familywork for psychosis in the Netherlands Chair ISPS Lowlands and
member of EC int.


Ludi van Bouwel

Psychiatrist/psychotherapist UPC KU Leuven, campus Kortenberg ( Belgium)

Developed early intervention team for psychosis (Belgium) Boardmember ISPS Lowlands and member EC ISPS


Victor Kouratovsky

Clinical Psychologist and Child and Adolescent Psychologist Specialist NIP.

Specialist in (trans)cultural psychiatry Boardmember ISPS Lowlands


Monique de Koning

Boardmember ISPS Lowlands

Specialist in community health care at the municipal government of the city of Utrecht, Netherlands.


Antonia Svensson

ISPS International


Peter Kwanten

Communication and Content


Bernice Beukenkamp

Senior Conference Manager

+31 (0)10 703 16 21


Fred Steenwinkel

Organisation and Financial Advisor

Board member Ypsilon (association of caregivers for schizophrenia)


Brenda Froyen
Dag van Wetter
Eddo Rats
Erik Thys
Felizberto Lopes
Martins da Veiga

Fons van der Kar
Frans Ginjaar
Fred Balvert
G.A. Francken
Henk Oosterling
Jeroen Zwaal

Lut de Rijdt
Peter Dierinck
Jeanny Severijns
Joris Corthouts
Wouter Kusters


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Welcome to ISPS

ISPS is an international organization promoting psychotherapy and psychological treatments for persons with psychosis (a term which includes persons diagnosed with schizophrenia). We are committed to advancing education, training and knowledge of mental health professionals in the treatment and prevention of psychotic mental disorders. We seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for service user/survivors of psychosis by engaging in meaningful partnership with health professionals, service user/survivors, families and carers.
The ISPS Charter of Good Practice in Psychological Therapies for People Experiencing Psychosis




ISPS was founded by Gaetano Benedetti and Christian Müller,
two young psychiatrists who wanted a more humane treatment for people with psychosis.
ISPS has been organising international and regional conferences since 1956. Learn more about the history of ISPS at the ISPS website


ISPS carries on promoting psychological and social approaches even in times when it is not  fashionable to do so.
ISPS has a tradition of dialogue: clinicians from different therapeutic approaches, researchers,
people with lived experience and family members are all in conversation with each other through ISPS.