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Day 3. Psychosis, (forced) migration, society and politics

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While on Day 3 the plenary keynotes address the ways how a society can integrate otherness and strangeness on the first half of day, the very rich program of the second half combines symposia, workshops and oral presentations that explore important related subthemes.


One of the very interesting symposia is presented as well as shown and performed by a special and swinging group of professors, lecturers and their students of the universities of applied sciences of Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam and is on the primary role of education for society and mental health.


Education, Ex/Inclusion and Mental Wellbeing
Education is essential to integrate and connect different experiences and people and to build community and society. This also makes access to education a primary political, social, and psychological issue. So how are access and the result of education defined?

Aminata Cairo, Femke Kaulingfreks and Teana Boston-Mammah each show and criticize from within and in different ways how standardization and the meritocratic educational system itself may lead to the exclusion and marginalization of different potentials, of other forms of talent and identity. Together with their students, they express and put into word and image the processes students are subjected to by educational standardization and classroom dynamics and the impact this has on their mental wellbeing. Tina Rahimy concludes that in order to guarantee genuine access for all there is a need for an explicit sense of the inclusive community to strife for as well as a permanent learning environment on all levels and for all ages.


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