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Cash prizes and a free book

[vc_headings borderclr=”#9a3324″ title=”Cash prizes and a free book” titleclr=”#9a3324″]for the 3 best posters at the biennial ISPS International Congress!


The awards committee will consist of three members of the ISPS International Executive Committee.
Winners will be informed by the Friday afternoon of the conference.
Each of the winners will also be invited to select a complimentary book of their choice from the ISPS book series, from the Routledge book stand, during the conference.
The winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the conference.
The award money will be paid via bank transfer after the conference.

NB: All accepted posters will be considered for a prize, with the exception of posters that were not exhibited and presented by at least one author on the day of the poster presentations.


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