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From the ISPS UK

I remember well first meeting Alison at the 50th anniversary conference of ISPS International. I attended on my 50th birthday as a present to myself, as I was so impressed with ISPS and its history. I immediately recognised a fellow soul, who felt the same way about ISPS, and that psychotherapy had much to offer the understanding of psychosis. We both joined ISPS-UK committee at the same time and went on to work together on many projects. When David Kennard stepped down as Chair Alison stepped up to the plate and helped navigate ISPS-UK through some very difficult times. ISPS has much to thank her for this (and David). Always caring and able to listen to all views of the committee, it became and still is a very welcoming family. I know that I consider her a close and valued friend as well as a colleague.


Our last big collaboration was when she chaired the committee that organised ISPS-INT International Conference. A huge undertaking, I somewhat blindly agreed to chair the group putting the programme together. I can honestly say that without Alisons skills with helping with this, the conference would not have taken place. It placed an enormous strain on her, and the success of the conference is due largely to her input. She has left ISPS-UK in the very capable hands of Akiko Hart, another special person. It’s great how ISPS attracts such people. We both step down from the committee soon, but it going from strength to strength, a strong legacy, and important family.

Alf Gillham
ISPS UK Executive Committee

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