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Psychiatrist Snapshot Report by Dr David Ward

This conference exceeded my expectations. A keynote presentation by Dr Eleanor Longden and Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland was absolutely exceptional and truly inspiring. This story needs to be heard by all professionals aspiring to or already working in mental health. It is also very important for all medical staff from medical school to the grave.

The additional keynote by Matt Ball telling the story of a mental health professional’s experience of the system was again inspiring and informative. All the workshops were informative, thought provoking and practically helpful. To close the day with another inspirational and articulate talk from an expert in lived experience Debra Lampshire, was a fitting tribute to a conference that was truly passionate about enabling recovery from those experiencing extreme states such as psychosis. ISPS continues to deliver and credit should be given to the Australian Chair Dr Melissa Connell.

Dr David Ward

Director of Adolescent Psychiatry, Metro North Mental Health – RBWH

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